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Chemical Products Investment

The chemical industry is undergoing unprecedented change. Margins are tighter than ever, and investors, regulators, and consumers are placing increasing pressure on chemical companies to meet new and evolving Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments. Optimally allocating resources (money, people, or equipment) is critical for organizations looking to cost-effectively manage their current operations while investing to meet future demands.

Chemicals are used in every product and play an important role in the everyday life of people around the world. Such products provide protection for crops and increase yields, prevent and cure disease, and provide countless other benefits that make life better for people. However, chemicals need to be soundly managed to avoid risk to human health and the environment. OECD has worked with governments and industry since the 1970s to improve chemical safety and biosafety and also to harmonise approaches to their assessment and management in order to save resources for both government and industry.

Create the Optimal Investment Strategy

Delivering the highest value means doing the right projects at the right time. This is no easy task for organizations that deal with hundreds or thousands of candidate investments, with multiple alternatives and start dates to consider. Otiumtrading AI-powered optimization can develop deliverable investment plans that create the most value while achieving strategic goals. Create highest-value investment plan and any number of what-if scenarios within minutes.


Investment Earning Growth

• The earnings for companies in the Chemicals industry have grown 27% per year over the last three years.
• Revenues for these companies have grown 10% per year.
• This means that more sales are being generated by these companies overall, and subsequently their profits are increasing too.

Forecastd Growth

• Analysts are most optimistic on the Specialty Chemicals industry, expecting annual earnings growth of 15% over the next 5 years.
• This is better than its past earnings growth rate of 8.8% per year.
• In contrast, the Commodity Chemicals industry is expected to see its earnings decline by 11% per year over the next few years.